New SIBO Relief

This will be a short one.

I also don’t want to jinx myself.

But I think I’ve made two major breakthroughs with my SIBO.

The first one started when I noticed that I experienced less digestive issues on the weekend.

After much examination of the food and lifestyle differences between what I eat and do on the weekend vs the weekdays, and a bit of experimentation, I think I may have found a major contributor to my symptoms: chewing gum.

During the workday, I chew a lot of gum. Sometimes it actually gets to be quite excessive, as I tend to crave the feeling and taste of a fresh piece of gum.

Whether the increased bloating and gas is a result of swallowing air from the gum chewing, or certain ingredients in the gum, or both, I’m not sure. But as I have become aware of the improvement in symptoms on days I don’t chew, I’m making a larger effort to give up the gum.

Now on to the bigger breakthrough: a new supplement.

Specifically, NOW Food’s enteric coated peppermint, fennel, and ginger oil capsules.

I had read about peppermint oil for SIBO before, but couldn’t find much science for it other than case studies and anecdotal reports. It seemed peppermint oil was more effective for SIBO-D or IBD-D, rather than C. So I hadn’t thought to try it.

But one day at work, the pain was so bad I thought I would go for a walk down to the local health food store just to see if they had it.

I found the NOW brand, which actually has ginger and fennel oil as well, two other herbs that are great for digestion.

And with the exception of one day, every time I have used these capsules I have not had bad gas, bloating, or abdominal pain. (I knock on wood right now as I write this, as I don’t want the effect to go away like so many other things I have tried typically do.)

The directions say to take the capsules 30 minutes before meals, but I’ve been taking them right before I eat. And so far, so good. I’ve taken them for about 10 days now.

I wouldn’t say the symptoms are completely gone, but I’d say I’m at 75-95% relief, depending on the meal.

I’ve even been able to eat a decent amount of broccoli with no major issues.

I’m wondering if the oils are actually killing the bugs in my gut, or just providing symptomatic relief.  

Hopefully I can get the new gastro I’m going to see next week to order another breath test and then maybe I’ll know for sure.

The enteric coating is most likely chemical and the product contains soy oil, so I don’t want to have to take these capsules long-term.

But for now, they are a lifesaver.


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