The 30 Day No-Alcohol Challenge

I think the time has come.

I’ve given up alcohol before in the past; I think the longest I went was about 2 months. I was trying to address candida issues at the time, and took a strict dietary approach.

It was difficult, but not impossible. I was really disciplined.

Now, alcohol is a big part of my “fun time”. My weekends surround going out for drinks Friday after work, and I pretty much keep drinking until the wee hours of Saturday night. And I pay for it all day Sunday, and a good part of Monday.

The question of whether that payment is worth it has been stewing in the back of my mind for a few months now. Now it’s at the forefront. And I’m also concerned that I’m actually paying for it all throughout the week.

My brain just still isn’t working as well as I know that it can, as well as it used to. And I wonder if the alcohol is playing a major part of that.

In addition, I’m noticing that my emotional state while drinking is becoming more dramatic. Last night, I had too much to drink and found myself crying hysterically while watching a documentary about mold exposure. A bit dramatic.

Though alcohol does provide a gentle lubrication to have more truthful conversations with the ones I love, I also know that anytime Alex and I get into an argument, I’ve been drinking. I overreact and become more sensitive to things that wouldn’t bother me when sober.

So, I’m going to do the challenge.

Thirty days seems like an awfully long time, but I think I’ll just focus on seven days. Going a full week with no alcohol. Making it through a weekend and seeing that I can have just as much fun and enjoy my time without the need for alcohol.

The question is- when do I start? I’m taking my last four day vacation at the end of this week, and then the following weekend is Alex’s birthday. Not great timing to decide to give up alcohol.

But maybe it actually would be better if I were sober for his birthday. That way I can make sure we get around safely and ensure he has a great time. And not have to worry about me needing to end the night early because I drank to much.

So as of now, next Monday, August 31 will be the start date.

I’ll start with one week, and if I can go a whole 30 days then I will be very proud of myself.

I’m excited to see how my brain function improves, let alone the weight and skin benefits I know I will get.


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