Paleo Vegan Carrot Cakes (Pinterest Win(?))

Tonight I am getting together with three other couples for a game night. It was supposed to be four other couples, but unfortunately our friend Marsha, her husband Bryan, and their baby boy Camden all came down with the flu. And Camden is teething. Not a fun time.

Of course, she’s the one who lives a couple hours away so we had been planning this get together for awhile and all really looking forward to it. So that is a big bummer.

Anyway, for this get together we all decided we would each bring a healthy dish and do a potluck. We are all trying to eat healthy and many of us have special diet restrictions. Marsha is dairy free, I’m grain free/dairy free/legume free and Shannon is a type one diabetic.

Marsha said no one could bring just plain veggies so I decided to skip from my norm of bringing a salad or veggies with dip, and bring a healthy dessert recipe that I had found on Pinterest months ago.

Presenting: grain free, dairy free, paleo, vegan, raw (mini) carrot cakes!

I’ve always loved carrot cakes so I instantly gravitated towards this.

The only ingredients are:

  • shredded carrot
  • dates
  • nuts (I used walnuts and almonds because I ran out of walnuts)
  • shredded coconut
  • coconut cream
  • a touch of honey
  • and spices


I technically shouldn’t be eating nuts right now because I am trying to do the autoimmune paleo protocol, but I figured one little treat really wouldn’t set me back any further than the alcohol I knew I was going to drink tonight.  

Before I go any further, I readily admit: I am NOT a baker and I’m not a great cook.

I tend to improvise (see almonds above) and follow recipes loosely, something that is not that good of an idea for baking.

(I once made brownies and realized I didn’t have eggs. So I thought I had recalled reading that I could replace eggs with applesauce. Nope, that’s an oil replacement. So the brownies turned out more of a chocolate cake-pudding, needing a spoon to eat, but they were still quite tasty.)

Many times, my foods turn out tasting pretty decent but looking terrible. Or, I just burn the heck out of them (i.e zucchini chips).

So, because this recipe called for no actual cooking or baking I thought it was worth a shot. And according to the directions it was an “easy” level recipe.

I suppose that’s true…if you have the right equipment.

Another issue I have is I tend to not actually read the directions until I’m ready to go. I bought all my supplies yesterday, but didn’t read the directions until I went at it.

The recipe needs a food processor. It says you can use a blender, but maybe you need a Blendtec or Vitamix. My $20 blender definitely did not work.

So, first you shred the carrot and then add the dates, walnuts, coconut and spices to the food processor and pulse it.

I ended up having to chop up the dates by hand (awful). I then tried to blend everything in the blender but it all just stuck to the sides while the blades whirled into air.

Then I remembered I had bought a hand-held food processor thingy from a yard sale last year.

I whipped out that bad boy and dumped all the ingredients into it. I cranked away at it for about five minutes and finally ended up with something that was semi-blended.

Then I looked for my tins to press them into mini carrot cake shapes.

They were gone.

No idea where the could have gone but I swear I had muffin tins at once point.

But alas, they could not be found so I decided I would just hand shape these babies.

Into balls.

Raw carrot cake balls.


So you can imagine already this recipe is not going to turn out like the picture.

Then it was time to make the glaze.

I hand blended the coconut cream, spices and honey.

And for whatever reason, it came out very lumpy.

Tasty, but lumpy.

So now I have raw vegan carrot cake balls with lumpy cream on top.

Gingerly, I put one on a plate and asked Alex to try it.

“I just eat this whole things at once?” He asked.

“Yup.” I said.

He hesitantly put it into his mouth and made a few interesting facial expressions while he chewed.  

“How is it?” I asked.

“Actually, it’s not bad. It wasn’t very sweet at first but then it got sweeter as I chewed.”

“Would you eat another one?”

“I would.”

Now, granted, this boy knows my baking skills and he also knows better than to say it’s awful.

But I tasted one: I did like it! They are not pretty, no, and you have to like coconut and you also have to be ready to chew a little but, and you also have to be ready for the fact that they contain little sugar.

But after all that they are actually pretty good.

I may make them again for Thanksgiving at my parents. With their food processor. And muffin tins.

Here’s what I tried to make. Click on the photo for the link to the recipe.


And here are mine:

my carrot

That’ll do, Jasmine. That’ll do.


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