Tomatoes and Joint Pain

The past couple months I’ve been experiencing some joint issues that have made me worried. Mostly stiffness and popping joints, but also knee and elbow pain.

It crept up on me so until I really thought about it, it seemed like ones of those symptoms that had “always been there.”

But then, I tried to start running again and my knees just about gave out on me. Intense pain and stiffness after doing only a few miles.

It was time to investigate.

I had written an article about nightshades and joint pain for Living Well Daily and I had tried cutting out nightshades before with no real noticeable difference. However, I wasn’t super strict as I found it extremely hard to avoid peppers in seasonings due to eating out frequently.

Then I read/heard on a podcast (they all blend together sometimes) about how tomatoes especially can aggravate joints.

I took a look at my diet and realized I had been eating tomatoes every day for the past several months, and almost every day for the past year or so. My lunch was typically chicken/tuna/salmon mixed with avocado and tomato.

So what the heck, I figured I’d cut them out again along with all nightshades  and see what happened.

I was doing good for a week and then came across an extended list of nightshades that had one on it I hadn’t seen before- goji berry.

And of course, I had just started taking an all-natural vitamin C supplement that was made from berries- including goji berry.

So I cut that out too.

It’s been about three weeks now and my joint issues are incredibly improved. I still may be consuming some chili pepper spices here or there, but I think cutting out the tomatoes and the goji berry are making a huge difference. My knees feel a lot better, I’m 80-90% less stiff, and the popping is much improved.

As far as why tomatoes and nightshades can aggravate joints, I won’t go into much detail right now. You can check out the article I wrote here for a bit of the science, but mainly, it has to do with a leaky gut.

And my gut is basically a sieve.

I’ve been experiencing increasing symptoms of leaky gut and reacting to foods I’ve tolerated in the past.

So it’s about time to really start diving into a leaky gut healing plan.

Glutamine has made it’s way back into my daily supplement regime, and I’m researching the best ways to heal my intestinal permeability, including the autoimmune paleo protocol.

My SIBO has also flared up again and I know that can greatly contribute to a leaky gut. I had some Candibactin AR and BR left over from when I did the Johns Hopkins herbal antibiotic protocol, so I figured I’d finish off those bottles and see if it helped at all, while I pay down my credit card enough to have some money to go see a SIBO specialist.


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