Enzymes for SIBO…or maybe its SIFO

I’ve been having good symptom prevention lately by taking candida-fighting enzymes. Specifically, YST Management from Vitacost.

It’s a combination of enzymes that supposedly digest candida and break down it’s cell wall so that the immune system can attack and remove it.

I had used these enzymes a couple of years ago when I thought I had candida overgrowth. I didn’t notice that they did much.

But, since they are powerful enzymes for digesting cellulose and other carb and starchy things, I thought they would be good to take before I eat vegetables, to help prevent the bloat, and they are working quite terrifically for that. Much better than any other enzyme supplement I have tried (and I’ve tried many!)

I also take two in the morning with water or my green juice to try and attack and candida that may be there, just in case.

I’m actually have such good symptom relief I’m wondering if I have a case of small intestine fungal overgrowth (SIFO), in addition to the SIBO.

The NOW peppermint gels have still be working for me as well, for the most part, and the combination of the two have really helped me live a nearly symptom-free life for the past couple of weeks.


One thought on “Enzymes for SIBO…or maybe its SIFO

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