Zinc for Leaky Gut

The systemic symptoms of SIBO are very real.

Fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, headaches and even depression and anxiety can all be caused when the body mounts an immune response against endotoxins and foods that have entered the blood stream.

In a healthy gut, only select nutrients are allowed through the tight junctions of the intestines. But during SIBO, the bacteria can damage the intestines to the point where it actually becomes more permeable. Then, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream along with food particles and other toxins that are ingested.

Once in the bloodstream, the immune system mounts an attacks against the foreign particles and can cause a wide range of symptoms.

Foods that have never bothered me in the past can now wipe me out with brain fog, fatigue and anxiety.

When the gut is too permeable, there’s usually not just one or two food intolerances. All food can be problematic.

If you have SIBO, noted food intolerances, or chronic inflammation, you almost surely have a leaky gut. I discuss the connection between leaky gut and heart disease in this post.

The first thing to do is avoid things that can increase gut permeability. I’ll cover this more in another post.

Then, there are some specific nutrients that have been shown to be extremely healing for the intestinal lining and can help protect against and even repair a leaky gut.

Bone broth, glutamine, and the topic of today’s post: Zinc.

Zinc is absolutely crucial for immune function and cellular repair, yet most people aren’t getting enough.

And a specific kind of zinc, called zinc carnosine, has been shown in multiple human studies to be beneficial to the lining of the GI tract. It’s been shown to help heal stomach ulcers, inhibit h. pylori, prevent heartburn and acid irritation, and relieve gas and nausea.

It’s also extremely effective at keeping the small intestine healthy.

One human study showed that zinc carnosine  prevented the increase in intestinal permeability caused by NSAIDs. Another human study demonstrated that it repaired damaged to the small intestine.

It really is a powerful nutrient. In fact, its actually used  a prescription in Japan as a treatment for stomach ulcers.

I started taking zinc carnosine about three months ago and I’ve noticed a  very marked improvement in  some of my gut symptoms. But mainly, I’ve noticed a major improvement in the systemic symptoms I was getting.

My fatigue has improved, my headaches are less frequent, and food doesn’t always make me extremely tired or cause massive brain fog like it used to.

I don’t always remember to take it every day, but I always take it if I know I’m going to ingest any alcohol that day, since alcohol has been shown to be extremely damaging to the gut lining. It seems to have helped improve my hangovers, too, since not as many toxins are getting into my bloodstream.

I’ve also noticed that my skin is breaking out much less than it used to because less toxins are getting into my system and trying to detox through my skin.

If you’re suffering from SIBO or systemic issues that could be caused by a leaky gut, I highly recommend you give zinc carnosine a try.

I use the Pepzin GI brand and I get it from Vitacost, they have pretty good pricing.


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