New SIBO Protocol Update

Here’s a quick update on my most recent SIBO protocol with Dr. Ruscio.

He ordered a bunch of different gut tests, looking for specific infections like parasites, bacterial dysbiosis and  candida, as well as signs of inflammatory bowel diseases or celiac. I also did another SIBO breath test.

While we waited for those results to come in, I started taking Ther-Biotic Complete probiotic powder. He also wanted me to take enzymes with betaine HCL, which I did initially, but it caused stomach pain so I discontinued them.

Lastly for the gut, he wanted me to take Saccharomyces boulardii.

I like to gently introduce things into my system so the saccharomyces was the last thing I planned to introduce. However, I started noticing some really positive effects from the Ther-Biotic, including less pain, bloating and better regularity. So I never actually added in the saccharomyces before our next appointment.

I was feeling really positive at our follow up appointment, as my gut was doing a LOT better. We went over the tests- nothing came back showing a serious issue or infection, so that was good. I still had a mild case of SIBO, with both hydrogen and methane gases showing up, and a bit of gut dysbiosis with some candida.

So, he started me on a “gut bug” protocol (as I like to call it). Here’s what it is:

First month:

Oregano oil


Gi Microbex

Second month:


OrthoFlora Yeast

ParaBotanic Select

He also asked me to start taking the saccharomyces.

Well, I’m about at the end of my third week of the protocol and I am NOT doing so great. My gut symptoms have returned and I’m feeling pretty miserable. I can’t pinpoint if it is the saccharomyces or the whole protocol, but I’m a bit discouraged that I seem to be regressing rather than getting relief.

However, I do know that something things can get worse before they get better, and I’m only about halfway through the protocol. Plus, before I started it, even though I had been doing better, I wasn’t fully healed and still needed to make improvements. So I’m planning to stick with this protocol until the end and hope it makes a turn here soon and I start getting relief.

I’m still taking my YST enzymes before I eat, though they don’t seem to be having as a great of an effect as before. I am also still taking my zinc carnosine, and I added in vitamin D3 and K2 since my D3 levels were low. And I still take my magnesium at night.

As for the protocol itself, it’s really an interesting mix. Atrantil is a new product on the market and has one human study on it showing relief from SIBO symptoms, but I don’t think it a particularly robust study.  Gi Microbex is a mix of herbs that all contain berberine, and the other two products for the second month are a solid mix of antimicrobial herbs. It’s a similar protocol that I used when I followed the protocol used in the Hopkins study, but with the addition of the Atrantil, and going for double the length of time.

If anything changes dramatically, I’ll be sure to post sooner rather than later.

Have you tried any of these products or a similar protocol? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “New SIBO Protocol Update

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  2. I ran out of Atrantil a while back, wasn’t sure if it was working, but now that I HAVEN’T been taking it, I think maybe it was. What has been your opinion of Atrantil? I have SIBO-C.


    • I never updated this blog, but I think Atrantil and a product called Iberogast is what has kept me in remission for the past few years. I kept taking the Atrantil for like 5 months or so and now I just use it as-needed if I feel symptoms coming back. I take Iberogast every night and it’s a miracle worker for eliminating symptoms and increasing motility. It’s expensive to use daily, but it is so so worth it since SIBO is so miserable.


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