Third SIBO Treatment Complete

Last week I finished the second month of my SIBO protocol from Dr. Ruscio. You can read about what the exact protocol was here.

To sum it up, I’d say my gut symptoms are about 80% better compared to before I started the protocol. I have had some other effects, which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

But first, I wanted to share how I did with the protocol and the tweaks I made.

In this post I wrote about how I started feeling a lot worse after adding in the saccharomyces. Well, I debated between trying to stick it out and follow the protocol to a T, or really listen to my body and understand it was telling me something. (When your body isn’t functioning correctly, it can sometimes be deceiving to listen to every sign and symptom and wonder if it means something important.) In this case, I determined the saccharomyces just wasn’t working for me. After cutting it out of the protocol, I did notice an improvement in my symptoms.

Otherwise, I followed the treatment pretty closely. I took the antimicrobials first thing in the morning, followed by the probiotic about an hour later before I left for work. Then around 3pm I would take the second dose of the antimicrobials, and the probiotic right before bed.

I just had a follow up appointment with Dr Ruscio about 2 weeks ago, and he also had me add in 60 drops of Iberogast before bed. It’s a liquid blend of herbal extracts that help with gastric motility. I had tried it before in the past but not such a high dose, and had mixed effects. This dose does seem to be making a difference. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and the past couple of mornings I’ve actually woken up with a flat stomach- no bloating! That is quite nice.

I re-do my SIBO breath test tomorrow, so that means I have to eat the restricted diet today (which I am not looking forward to!) , and I also have to re-test the Doctor’s Data test. I waited too long to book my follow up appointment with Dr. R, so I won’t get those test results until July. Like I said before, I’m pretty happy with how the treatment went but I am SO GLAD for it to be over. It was really starting to take a toll on me psychologically, with all of the pills and the timing and what not. I am just pretty fatigued from “treatments” at this point and I want to not have to worry about it for awhile.

I have a sneaking suspicion the SIBO will return, but I’m trying not to worry about it and keep doing the strategies that I know help- eating low FODMAP when symptoms flare, taking the Iberogast, avoiding gum chewing and sugar alcohols, avoiding certain types of fiber, and continuing to take the expensive probiotic.

Ok, now for the side effects.

I can’t say for sure these were a result of the treatment, but I think they are worth mentioning.

  1. My leaky gut seemed to get worse. I can tell because I react to foods more easily and my skin is all kinds jacked up. I’m getting red blotchy patches from certain foods and sunlight, and flares in blemishes on my face. Also I’ve noticed some wrinkles developing on my forehead. I’ve still been taking my zinc carnosine and I added in glutamine power. And I still drink my bone broth, so that all hasn’t changed. But I feel like I’ve taken a step back in the healing of my gut.
  2. I’m having some major muscle pain and weakness. I really haven’t had any exercise tolerance at all, and even walking leaves me sore and tight. This has been most upsetting for me, as I’ve need to exercise for my mental health, but being in pain both from exercising and from not exercising is an awful thing. And it’s not like I’m exercising hard, either. I’m just talking about walking. I can tell my body is inflamed.
  3. My fatigue has been worse.
  4. Ok, now for a good effect- my female hormones seem to be balancing out. I had my cycle again for the first time in two years. Granted, this was also coupled with a cessation of restrictive eating and intense exercise, but I do think healing the gut has helped, along with the female hormone balancing herbs Dr. R put me on (Phytoest and Phytoprogest).

Ok, that’s it for now. Generally, I do think the protocol has been helpful and I think it was worth it despite the side effects I noticed. With that being said, I’m looking forward to NOT taking any more antimicrobials for awhile, and just focusing on healing my leaky gut and other parts of my health for awhile. And maybe have some fun, too. 🙂